The optokinetic response allows the eye to track moving objects when the head is stationary or track stationary objects as you move. Keep your head still and pick a spot on the screen to focus on, count the black stripes. After counting 15 black stripes, move to the next exercise. Each minute the exercise changes, gradually (after weeks) work your way up to one minute). Do not do all these exercises at once. These drills can create eye fatigue, so do not do more than 3 minutes at a time. The rotation drills at the 8-minute mark are advanced and can cause motion sickness.

00:00 to 1 min down to up

01:00 to 2 min up to down

02:00 left to right

03:00 right to left

04:00 down to up with red dot

05:00 up to down with red dot

06:00 left to right with red dot

07:00 right to left with red dot

08:00 rotation