Mental Mind Force Manuscript

The path of mortality versus the path of immortality. In mathematical terms, if you are alive it is plausible you are immortal. Odds are stacked against you being immortal, hence the low probability you have an exemption from death. The immortality equation is disproved when you die, thus proving you are mortal. Idiots in pursuit of immortality express it through their actions, but mostly their inactions. If one never contemplates death, there is no urgency in life. Immortality enthusiasts live a dull life as immortal, continuing a repetitious lifestyle with little power in their actions.

Conversely, mortals comprehend the power in their actions because they are aware of the shadow of death. The consideration of death bestows the mortal’s actions with value and urgency. Hire death as your personal counselor and be certain in your mortality and motivation.

Ironically, in almost every species the number one objective is survival; this is one of the ways we are connected. We are on the same path to survival. However, during your life, consider the possibility of dying. This reality may be thrust upon you in an instant. Before visiting death, contemplate life and death. We’re alive for a purpose; complete the mission and move on to the next vibration. This vessel we refer to as a body briefly contains our spirit. The spirit vibrates at a higher level, which makes it impossible for it to comprehend low vibrations. To experience low vibrations, the spirit requires a vessel. Low vibrations are comprehended by inhabiting a body. On our low vibrational war planet, every living creature purposely devours a life force to stay alive. In order to live and experience the low-level vibrations, you must devour and taste temptation.

In your contemplation of death, imagine what the perfect death would be. My proper way to exit life is battling pirates with my bare hands on a cruise ship. In the process, I’m shot six times. Instead of bleeding out and dying on the deck like a chump, I deliberately dive overboard into the ocean to chum the water with my blood. It’s an open invitation to the guys in the gray suits; the red nectar they’ll smell from miles away. The sharks gladly remove my remains. A sacrifice to the sea. Neptune would be pleased.

The two popular ways to dispose of a dead body are cremation and direct burial; I recommend the third option. Toss the remains in an industrial size blender, whip the blood, organs, meat, and bone into a wet slurry of human chum to feed fish. Be useful in death. The fish you feed today, maybe the fish we eat tomorrow. If you dine on fish, I recommend marinating with butter, a splash of lemon juice, and wine, then season with garlic salt, pepper, and bake for twenty minutes at 350 degrees. Enjoy the delicious protein with omega fatty threes.

While you are alive and not eating delicious baked fish, continue your quest to unearth the secrets to otherworldly abilities. Greatness includes experimental breathing, reality-based adrenaline stress training, proper stretching to increase flexibility, absorbing enough sun, killing negative self-talk, drinking quality water, consuming quality food, a proper amount of sleeping, sauna, awareness of body control, dry body brushing, oil pulling, daily flossing, increasing personal chi energy, balancing chakras with tuning forks, meditating inside a pyramid, using electromagnetic frequencies, interacting with the exceptional, learning valuable skills, problem-solving, a reasonable amount of personal solitude, and congregating with an assortment of people, nature, and animals.

These are the ingredients; the proper amount is your own personal mystery. It’s not a recipe or a checklist. Take two tablespoons of sauna, one cup of exercise twice a day, and mix in three quarts of water with coconut oil and you’ll be a slippery guru. Declare ownership; being spoon-fed is not glamorous. These ingredients function in a synergistic fashion. Adding one ingredient to another, your output is more than the sum of two. In Mental Mind Force training 1+1=5. This defies logic, but the output of synergy is stronger than a puny mortal concept. When you are part of the Mental Mind Force, you’ll be using godlike terms. Enthusiasm is one of these terms. The Greek definition of enthusiasm is to be inspired by a god. The Romans define enthusiasm as inspiration from God. It’s a fantastic sensation to become enthusiastic about a new idea. That state comes from being in tune with the gods. Have you ever met a tired, excited person? You haven’t, because they don’t exist. When you are inspired, is it divine intervention? Is it possible you consorted with divinity? The outcome is enthusiasm. You are stoked with energy. What is the energy source? Regardless, express gratitude, embrace the cosmic and swiftly act on the idea. Waste cosmic energy and you’ll receive less in the future. Accept it and have a preterhuman adventure.

The quest for greatness is ongoing, and the results can be immeasurable. Who you are in the present will change from the person you were one day ago. In the span of one year, our body’s cells are replaced. Your body changes on a molecular level, and your ideas change too. Opinions change as you age. The teenager rocking out to heavy metal will gradually suppress the rage and embrace the waltz. If you broad-stroke this as a simple change in musical taste, you’re not in tune with your awareness. This change in musical taste is an auditory phenomenon. Five of our seven senses define our personal reality; when our senses change, our reality is overhauled. Supercharge your senses with purpose and you’ve entered my dimension. When you get there, I’ll welcome you to the Mental Mind Force. In this realm, there are seven senses.

Enough philosophy, we begin.


We all have the ability to do incredible things because of our two gifts.

Section One The Two Gifts

What are these two gifts? As I said in the beginning, if we’re surviving, we’re alive. To maintain this life, we must use our two gifts. All living things are born with these two gifts. Ponder the question: What do all living things possess? Living creatures … from human beings to single-cell amoebas, all possess time and energy.

How are we directing our time and energy? The word directing is more appropriate than use because you are the director of your life’s film. Direct your life in the way you’ll enjoy watching it, like your favorite movie. When we reminisce on the great things we’ve done, essentially we are watching a rerun of our life, and at some point, we’re all going to die. If you were carefully reading, “We’re all going to die” is the attention grabber. One day, your life will flash before your eyes. When it does, enjoy it. Before your new compadre, Death, claims your life, wouldn’t you like to prolong your life? You can by becoming a healthier, imposing force that is a quicker, faster, smarter, stronger, and better-tuned version of yourself. Increase your survival rate, and you will be on the path to living an extraordinary life filled with energy, adventure, ambition, and proper health.

And now, the reason you’ll want to keep reading is because I’ll explain how to cheat death and live a bit longer. Create unforgettable moments in your life. Make your highlight reel longer to live longer, so when your life flashes before your eyes, it will be a longer flash, hence stealing a few moments from Death.

We don’t know how much time we have to live, but we are aware of our decreased energy levels as we age. Direct your time and energy to your motivations.

Section Two Motivators

What motivates you? What are the biggest motivators for most people? Popular answers include money, power, traveling, comfort, cars, retirement, boats, massage, and fine dining. Let’s pursue this question in another way. What activities have you done today? What have you done to feel good? During the day you ate food to beat the hunger pains, but the real reason was to feel good. Feeling good is the biggest motivator; the rest of the motivators ultimately are a means to feeling good.

Why do you wash and comb your hair? To look good. Looking good is a motivator. Celebrities fall into this category; their vanity is a strength and weakness.

Lawyers and politicians are prevalent in this next category of motivations. Have you ever met an argumentative person who has to be right? Being right is a motivator.

It should not be a surprise that police and teachers have a personality trait that likes to be in charge. Being in control is a motivator.

Everyone is motivated by feeling good, looking good, being right, or being in control, but typically we favor one. When learning something new, how can you apply your motivation triggers to accept this new endeavor? When you can recognize your motivation and identify people’s motivations, you gain personal insight and can relate to people. You can achieve harmony or go dark and manipulate.

Feeling good: Most personalities, to some degree, seek a form of gratification. Obvious choices for feeling good are typically sex, drugs, alcohol, food, achievement, recognition, and music.

Looking good: Pacify these humans with sincere creative compliments and inquiries about their favorite products or services.

Being right: Let the person believe they are right even if they are wrong. As a bonus, this strengthens your ego. If the taboo subjects of religion or politics arise, spring this tactic out of your playbook.

Control: Allow a person to believe they are in control. Police and teachers especially need to believe they are in control. When they lose control, they are shamed on the six o’clock news.

While looking good, feeling good, being right, and being in control are the big four motivators, there are more. The next big four are attention, excitement, anger, and fear. Fear is manipulated as an effective motivator when a student or employee fears losing money, health, time, job, grades, etc. This fear creates stress. Bosses take advantage of this tactic to increase output. In the long run, this tactic will cause most people to burn out, quit, get sick, rebel, or get fired. George Steinbrenner and General Patton were legendary fear technique pioneers. They achieved incredible success, but at the expense of their subordinates. In sales, it’s been proven consumers will buy to prevent losing because fear of loss is a motivator.

Humans will do positive, negative, dangerous, and idiotic things to garner attention and excitement. Anger, when channeled, gives you the energy and power to fight for your cause.

Establish what motivates you, apply your energy in this direction, and be aware of your motivators are being manipulated against you.

Section Three Self-Awareness

When provoked, there are more options than fight or flight. The forgotten choices are submission and posturing. When you choose to fight, attack the weak areas of your opponent’s body. Get it in, get out, do not boast, and scram from the scene. Flight is the fastest way to avoid a fight. You can employ submission and posturing as a decoy to launch your real attack or to avoid a fight altogether. Be aware of your abilities, limitations, location, and your adversaries before you choose to fight, flight, submission, or posture.

Become self-aware of your movement. If the movement you select is to walk, then walk tall. The vast mechanics of various walking styles forces me to clarify you should no longer walk across a room. Hand in your walking papers and glide. If you chose stillness, stand tall. Do not lean on objects or walls, as it portrays weakness. Stand tall. Walk tall. Be ready with a gentle touch or a tight fist. When you speak, command your voice with purpose and animals will respond. When you choose to listen, you’ll hear new sounds. Have you ever listened to a plant digest water? When appealing images cross your field of vision, cast a firm gaze. Don’t stare, appreciate. When making eye contact, develop and launch an intention behind your eyes. Be aware, with the wrong intent, these lessons can lead to darkness. When your mind expands and you enter self-exploration, mastery is no longer the end zone. Mastery is a fool’s game.

Section Four There are Seven Senses

Five senses plus two. Survival intuition is the sixth sense. It is a heightened intuition we all have, but few hone. Survival intuition is the sensation you have when you feel someone is watching. It’s when the hair on the back of your neck stands up. The tingling sensation when you are too close to the edge of a cliff. When exigent circumstances are afoot, you might get a funny feeling in your knees, stomach, throat, neck, or upper chest. That is your survival intuition. The sensation is warning you of potential danger. Noticing an uncomfortable sensation provides you a chance for a preemptive strike, evasive maneuvers, or count blessings. Listen to your survival intuition and you will do things classified as extraordinary.

Throughout your training, you’ll notice an intentional overlap of material. Is it coincidental these concepts are congruent? Survival intuition is the precursor to an adrenaline rush! When your survival intuition is triggered, your normal system relinquishes its duties and allows the formidable power of the adrenaline rush to take over. When you develop your consciousness to a level cognizant of this switch, you’ll manage your own natural resources and direct your adrenaline to become an imposing force.

In survival situations, animals react. In Mental Mind Force we train for gut reactions. In these instances, your training will dominate. It will make you rational enough to handle the situation appropriately without panicking. I do not claim these drills will remove fear, but they will reduce it. Fear is your own prison. You possess the mental key to unlock your freedom. Conquering your fears unlocks true freedom because without fear one cannot have courage. To be courageous, you must perform under fear. Performing under stress is what transforms us to be smarter, stronger, and better. Awareness of your survival intuition and harnessing your adrenaline will make you supernatural.

Prepare your mind and body for a variety of aggressive humans. Be an uncaged, free-range person and rise above. To be free, question your identity, and seek your destiny. The alternative is being caged by fear and the unknown, dying a slow death, but never truly living.

Paper cannot contain the secrets of the seventh sense. It can only be discovered by entering The Mental Mind Force.

Section Five Adrenaline Magnetic Power (AMP)

The human psyche is mystified with secret powers and hidden strength. The quest for strength and extraordinary powers has been ongoing for centuries. Greek and Roman sculptures celebrate musculature in their classical marble statues. In recent years, the comic book and movie industries have exploited this concept. Instead of marble statues, they admire a chiseled physique by molding it into a plastic action figure.

Real strength comes from pain, discipline, and personal discovery. In plain sight within these paragraphs, you will learn a technique I invented. Never before has this been released to the public. I named the experiment Adrenaline Magnetic Power (AMP).

Step 1. Set an alarm for three minutes and smile while sliding into a bathtub full of ice water. Welcome the ice water and thank the ice for assisting you in achieving an adrenaline rush.

Step 2. In order to create a toughness groove in your mind, do not hesitate to get into the tub, flinch, or wince. Submerge your body except for your head for an exhilarating sensation. Imagine those ice daggers massaging your body.

Step 3. After three minutes, exit the bathtub and choose a total body exercise like jumping jacks or burpees to elevate your heart rate and return your skin to a normal complexion.

Step 4. Enjoy your self-manufactured adrenaline state and lay on a Pulsed Electric Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) mat inside a four-foot-tall copper pipe pyramid.

Step 5. Do quick breaths of one second in and one second out to prolong the adrenaline state and to further warm yourself. Intermittingly, mix in one rep of deep breathing as needed to remove excess carbon dioxide. Remain inside the pyramid for at least three minutes.

Step 6. Test your ability to harness the rush with maximum speed sprints.

Step 7. Discover a new dimension by breaking your mental and physical barriers.

Step 8. Recover in a hot Epsom salt bath.

When experimenting with adrenaline, you will uncover the magnificence of time distortion. Time slows, and your focus becomes supernaturally sharp. Adrenaline creates high levels of norepinephrine and dopamine, which speeds visual processing. Besides a superior visual uptake, you’ll benefit from an increase in pain tolerance and alertness. The clinical term for this phenomenon is Tachy Psyche Syndrome. It is a key component in my goal of removing the bridle from potential.

I theorize a well-constructed pyramid with the right numbers can energize and enhance the Tachy Psyche Syndrome. I modeled my pyramid off the Great Pyramid of Giza, which means it has the same slope face of 51.83 degrees. It is this precise angle that is recognized as having a positive impact on organic life. The device I use with the pyramid is a PEMF mat. Depending on the setting, a PEMF mat can improve alertness, relaxation, oxygenation of the blood, circulation, stimulate cell metabolism, enhance tissue, and bone healing, decrease inflammation, and accelerate the removal of toxins. PEMF achieves these results by generating a sinusoidal wave pattern of low frequency reaching a BETA wavelength of 13-32 cycles per second and stimulating an enhanced state of alertness.

The synergy between the pyramid and PEMF mat ushers the AMP experience to a mystical gateway of consciousness. The AMP experience is a vacillating thrill ride to supernatural alertness, visual processing, and pain tolerance. Side effects include possible temporary dizziness, shaky hands, weakness in the legs, and drowsiness from the adrenaline dump. The PEMF mat and Epsom salt bath mitigate the adrenaline dump by helping remove toxins.

I will not lay out a complete map for your program. The foundation has been laid for you to build your body into a zone where adrenaline can thrive. I’ve taught you how to recharge your body’s cells with the Pulsed Electric Magnetic Frequency mat. You can eliminate your toxins with sauna, Epsom salt baths, and creative mysticism. If you do these things regularly, you will become a force. The paradox of what would happen if an irresistible force meets with an immovable object is moot when you strive to be both. Blaze your path to enlightenment. Embrace the journey and seek out ways to enhance the powers of your mind and body. Your discoveries will magnify your already impressive powers and lead to new ones. I’d advise you to research controlled breathing methods, amplify your body’s signals with the use of oils (oils conduct energy efficiently), study the mysterious nature of pyramids, neurolinguistics programming, light machines, mysticism, and mathematical acoustics. In other words, enter the Mental Mind Force.